Idear Bio-food Waste Decomposer

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Idear Bio-food Waste Decomposer Idear Bio-Food Waste Decomposer Eco Product @ Bio-food Waste Decomposer (厨余机)
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  • Decompose food waste into fertilizer after 24 hours.
  • Powerfull disintection, filtering & multiple air refresh system.
  • Safe, user and eco-friendly.
  • Virtually no ordor released.
What do you understand about decomposers ?

Decomposers are fungi and bacteria obtain their nutrients from dead plant or animal material. They break down cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances, which become organic nutrients available to the ecosystem.

The first genaration of decomposer appreared since 10 years ago. But, it only dehydrates the lettowers by heating. In Asia, only Japan, South Korea & Taiwan adopt this technology. The second generation of the machine uses yeasts to decompose waste and it can hold up to 1.5kg of waste at a time. It looks like a washing machine, but smaller. When you open the cover, there is a stinner, several air passages and a dust filter.

How it works

When you put the leftovers into the machine, yeast inside will start the decomposing process. The machine is equipped with the UV Light that produces free radicals to react with organic gas resulting from the yeast. The residue gas will be burned by mental catalysts and further breakdown into water and carbon dioxide. When you open the cover after the wastes was treated, there is only the scent of coffee frounds and soils.

Turning into fertilizer

When you use the machine for the first time, you need to activate the yeast by using red sugar and water, those mixture provides nutrients for the growth of the yeast. Normally, the emtire process will take about 24 hours to process the waste into fertilizer. When you start to grow the plants, the portion of fertilizer to soil should be 1:3 to 1: 20. And, it is better to dry the fertilizer under the sunlight before use on plants.

Feature :

  1. Decompose food waste (organic only)     
  2. With pros and cons mix round
  3. Wind speed adjustable in 2 grades
  4. With drum heater and cartridge heater
  5. With UV lamp disinfection
  6. With temperature detection
  7. With trouble alarm
  8. With power save mode
  9. With door safety protection
  10. With test mode
  11. Continously running

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